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  • from Books Tell You Why

    Book Spotlight: The Girl Who Drank the Moon

    Mon, 06 Aug 2018 08:00:00 Permalink
    The Newbery Award-winning novel The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill was published in 2016 by Algonquin Young Readers. This middle grade novel appeals to both young and old readers with it's important message and compelling fairy tale feel. The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a magical story that's perfect for lovers of magic, fairy tales, and for Newbery collectors. What is it about this book that captures the imagination and has lead to it's massive success and popularity? Read More
  • from Journey of a Bookseller

    What in the World Is Wrong with Gisbert? by Jochen Weeber

    Sun, 05 Aug 2018 08:30:00 Permalink
    Gisbert is a giraffe.  He's excited about school, but the other students pick on him.  It makes him feel small...Flyaway Books and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today. Each nasty comment makes him shrink so he's no longer as tall as a giraffe.  His parents keep him home from school to find out what's wrong.  When he goes back, all the students have missed him.  And, pretty soon, he's as tall as he should be again.  Just talking about your problems can make them better. Read More
  • from ten pound island book company

    Pleasing Everyone

    Sun, 05 Aug 2018 02:45:49 Permalink
    Some years ago, in a burst of marketing inspiration, I stopped charging for postage and insurance on orders shipped within the US. I thought it would be a classy thing to do, and that my customers would appreciate it. And, for the most part, they have.My rationale was as follows: Back when my catalogs were full of $25 books, shipping costs (say, $3.50 media or $7.50 first class) represented a large percentage of the total.Continue reading Pleasing Everyone at Ten Pound Island Book Company. Read More
  • from Journey of a Bookseller

    Hiding in Plain Sight by Mary Ellis

    Sat, 04 Aug 2018 09:00:00 Permalink
    She travels from place to place for her work.  With an assumed name, no permanent residence, no ties to anyone she should be safe, but her brother's enemies find her anyway...Severn House and Net Galley let me read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published.After being shot at and her car dumped in the river, she comes clean with her employer.  Instead of firing her, he agrees with her request for random assignments and fake names.  But she's still not safe.She solves her next two cases, falls in love, and then they find her again...I didn't like Read More
  • from Journey of a Bookseller

    Be Happy to Be You by Diane Margaret Hull, Jan Dolby

    Sat, 04 Aug 2018 08:00:00 Permalink
    This little bird just wishes he could do everything the other animals do, like run or swim.  His mother tells him to be happy with himself...The author and Publishing Push sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.The illustrations are whimsical and fun.  They add to the story.  You feel sorry for the little bird.Then the bird gets sick and has to stay in bed for a few days.  When he recovers, he's happy to do all the things birds do and he's happy Read More
  • from Journey of a Bookseller

    Path of the Dead by Mark Edward Langley

    Fri, 03 Aug 2018 09:00:00 Permalink
    Their marriage has been drifting apart but they still love each other.  When a killer kidnaps his wife, he realizes how much...Blackstone Publishing and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published on August 14th.  He's a stone-cold serial killer.  He only grabbed her because she's on TV and may be useful in his quest to exit the states.  The Feds think he's going south.  He's heading north.  And her husband is coming after him.The whole story is filled with tension and terror.  He's a monster.  There's no escape available for Read More
  • from Journey of a Bookseller

    Season of Wonder by RaeAnne Thayne

    Thu, 02 Aug 2018 09:00:00 Permalink
    What better way to leave the past behind than to move to the other side of the states and bury yourself in a small town?  She's working on acquiring a veterinarian business, nobody knows about her past, and she likes it that way.  Now if she could just keep her teen out of trouble and stop drooling over her neighbor, she'd have it made.HQN and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published September 25th. Daniella is embarrassed by her past.  She hides it, is reserved and keeps telling herself she's not Read More
  • from Books Tell You Why

    Maya Angelou's Books for Children

    Thu, 02 Aug 2018 08:00:00 Permalink
    Many readers know Maya Angelou’s work and recognize her literary contributions, as well as her significant work as a professor, filmmaker, historian, and civil rights activist. She wrote seven autobiographies in her lifetime, acted in numerous films and prominent works of television, and was honored with many prestigious awards. But did you know that she also wrote children’s books? We love the idea of an author’s work—one of the most prominent writers of the twentieth century, perhaps—being accessible to children through a combination of image and text. We want to tell you about a couple of Maya Angelou’s books for Read More
  • from Journey of a Bookseller

    Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer

    Wed, 01 Aug 2018 09:00:00 Permalink
    She is living in the Andes with her parents and little brother.  The Indians there think she has something wrong with her because she's very small for her age.  They don't want to be friends with her.  So she makes friends with the condors in the wild.  They understand her.The author shared a copy of her book with me in exchange for a review.  This was a very good read and it has been published.When she sees poachers trying to steal the condor's egg again, she asks her dad for help.  The male condor stops them from taking it and Read More
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