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    I work all spring on the lawn at Flatrocks Gallery, and what do I get?

    recent additions to the Flatrocks sculpture gardenBut seriously folks, Anne Marie and Cynthia have curated a wonderful (and suitably Ten Poundish) new exhibition called "Our Working Waterfront." 

    The show runs May 30 - July 7, and it features the work of some of Cape Ann's finest artists.

    Ordinarily, I'd miss this Saturday's opening reception at Flatrocks Gallery because I'd be in Concord, NH, setting up for the 23rd annual New Hampshire spring book fair.

    But promoter Laura Parr has cancelled it!

    A sad commentary on the state of book fairs and bookselling - or maybe just on the dealers who exhibit at New Hampshire shows. Laura didn't have enough dealers signed up for the fair, so she pulled the plug. My guess is that a sufficient number would have signed up at the last minute - but hey. It's her nickel, and she didn't want to gamble on last minute signups.

    So, Concord's loss will be Flatrocks' gain. I'll be tending bar at the opening reception, and will be happy to pour you a glass of our cheapest red.

    After the opening Anne Marie and I are headed for Ireland - followed by a journey to the ABA and PBFA  London Book fairs and visits to a few of our favorite dealers, and pubs, and dealers in pubs.

    It was complicated preparing for all this because, in the midst of it, I had to pack up my wares to be exhibited at the 2013 Rare Book & Manuscript Librarian pre-conference - held this year in, of all places, Minneapolis - immediately upon our return from London.

    This meet and greet is an important event for both librarians and dealers. We gain understanding of their strange ways and they attempt to put human faces on us. When it works, it works very well. And when it doesn't, there's always cocktail hour. Probably some good restaurants in Minneapolis, too.

    Here are a couple of examples of the select stock of fine books, pamphlets, and manuscripts I'll be showing the librarians.

    RECEIPT FOR SERVICES PROVIDED DURING THE CONSTRUCTION OF THE FRIGATE CONSTITUTION DATED SEPT. 27, 1798 AT BOSTON. Single printed sheet, 5 1/2 x 7 inches, accomplished in manuscript. Partially printed document, labeled No. 3 in upper left corner. Received of Henry Jackson, Naval Agent for the United States, Boston, Seven hundred anf forty Dolls in full for the Dockage and Wharfage of the United States Frigate Constitution - and the use of the Gundalo per account rendered & settled this day, for which I have signed triplicate Receipts of the same tenor and date. James Scott. The website of an outfit called The Heritage Collectors Society, Inc. offers a comparable Constitution item for $16,000. Of course, their piece is investment quality, whatever that means. This one is modestly priced at $4500

    Solomon, Saul (publisher). COPE OF SIGNALS USED BY THE TELEGRAPH DEPARTMENT, AT THE ISLAND OF ST. HELENA, 1845.  Cape Town.  1845. prev Color plates. (16), 68 pp. Instructions to Telegraph Stations, Island Code of Flags, Maritime Merchant Flags of all Nations, followed by a dictionary of 8700 numbered codes for alphabet, compass points, persons, places, and general signals. A number of the signals are entered in manuscript, specific to this time and place - for example more than 30 names, such as, Mr. Lloyd... Captain Perle... Colonel Maclean... Lieut. Houghton... Mr. Garrison... Mr. G. Moss etc. Of particular interest is a tipped in plate showing 12 hand colored Island Code flags. It is signed A. Duncan lithog. and St. Helena 1835 Also a plate of 15 hand drawn and colored maritime flags of various nations. Rare. Worldcat shows no libraries holding copies. Bound in green ribbed cloth with paper cover label. A few cover spots. External hinge splitting in places. $2500

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