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    Recently Purchased – A Comprehensive Literary Biographies Collection

    Having recently purchased a comprehensive Literary Biographies Collection I will be listing these over the next few days.
    This superb collection, carefully put together, includes;
    Joseph Conrad
    Edgar Allan Poe
    Graham Greene
    Freya Stark
    Arthur Miller
    Rebecca West
    Katherine Mansfield
    D H Lawrence
    John Steinbeck
    Rider Haggard
    Alexander Solzhenitsyn
    Leo Tolstoy
    Valdimir Nabokov
    Raymond Chandler
    James Fenimore Cooper
    Somerset Maugham
    Ernest Hemingway
    George Bernard Shaw
    Saki (Munro)
    T E Lawrence
    The Bronte Sisters
    John O’Hara
    Jack London
    W M Thackeray
    Mark Twain
    Edith Wharton
    Matthew Arnold
    F Scott Fitzgerald
    Arnold Bennett
    Dashiell Hammett

    If you are looking for a biography of one of the above and can’t wait for me to create the listing just email your requirements to sales

    Meanwhile you could browse all my biographies at Biographies For Sale

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