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    Margueritte-PetersonWe’re thrilled to announce that Margueritte Peterson has joined the team at Tavistock Books! Margueritte lends a hand with cataloguing, answering customer inquiries, and many other functions.

    Margueritte graduated in 2012 from the University of Florida, where she majored in English Literature. Her specialization was children’s literature, and she completed her honors thesis on A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. “I love artists and authors from the Golden Age of children’s literature,” she says. “They’re the most beauteous, and they appeal to adults, too. You can bring away something different every time you read those books, regardless of your age.”

    During the 2010-2011 school year, Margueritte studied abroad in London and soon discovered Charing Cross Road. While she’d always been a reader, she had never before encountered the antiquarian book world. Soon she was visiting the bookshops there on a regular basis. “I never bought anything–I was a starving college student! But I was just fascinated with these books, and with the occupation of book dealership in general.” She attended the 2011 London Antiquarian Book Fair and has been traveling to the major book fairs ever since. “I just knew I wanted to find a way to be part of this world,” Margueritte says.

    Soon, thanks to Chris Loker and John Windle, Tavistock’s proprietor Vic Zoschak had contacted Margueritte about becoming his “Girl Friday” at Tavistock Books. She made the cross-country trip from Florida to California, and she’s now settled into her new home in Alameda. Now Margueritte’s responsibilities include researching new acquisitions, “dusting like nobody’s business,” and immersing herself in the rare book trade. “It’s interesting work. Cataloguing each book, one by one, is sort of like giving each book a home, which is cool. Vic has also been incredibly patient. I’m learning all the time.” observed Margueritte.

    Margueritte also has her own burgeoning collection of children’s books. “At first my ‘collection’ consisted of a few books I found in the prop bin of a high school drama production, and it’s still not a huge collection. But I have a first American edition of Noel Streatfeild’s Ballet Shoes and a few other items I’m proud of.” Eventually Margueritte plans to open up her own shop, where she’ll probably specialize in children’s books.

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