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    Philip Roth: the big beast of American letters would have presented a formidable threat, but is now retired Photo: AP

    Imagining the American landscape as it had been when Nathaniel Hawthorne started out as a writer, Henry James talked in terms of absences, producing a list of more than 20 items that started with no court, no personal loyalty, no aristocracy, no church and ended with no Epsom nor Ascot! The passage is usually quoted as a sign of Jamess own character the contempt for America and affection for Europe that made him the first great Anglo-American novelist. What is less often remembered is the caveat that James offered by way of conclusion: The American knows that a good deal remains; what it is that remains that is his secret, his joke, as one may say.

    via Battle of the Booker Prize? Bring it on – Telegraph.

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