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    Short road trip, but a long day. I didnt pull into my Quality Inn until about 9:30 p.m. Kicked off my shoes with a weary sigh, poured me a whiskey, and flipped open the days McNews.I must confess that USA Today is one of my great illicit road pleasures, right up there with Krispy Kreme Donuts and rib eyes at Outback Steak House. There is something indescribably tasty (and equally sickening, if imbibed to excess) about the daily froth of American popular culture delivered in an analog mode. If you spill your whiskey you can mop it up with the Lifesection from McNews(provided youve finished the article about Miley Cyrus). Try that with your I-thingie!But this time I was in for a jolt. There, at the bottom of the front page, was a photo of the strange, sick creature who had just finished killing a dozen innocent souls and himself. Of course, a long article (by USA Today standards) accompanied the photo. Forensic technicians, psychologists, profilers, anthropologists, social scientists and law enforcement officers of all stripes from many levels, were combing the scene and the perpetrators biography in hopes of salving the nations latest hurt by offering some clues as to why and how this terrible thing happened.As I sat there, sipping and thinking, it occurred to me they were investigating the wrong guy.Why, I wondered, is everyone in such a lather to pick this crazy man's life and brain apart? Do they think such an investigation will help any of us know any more about "how this could have happened?" Is there any hope, really, of this sad, sick life furnishing useful "warning signs?"What they should be dissecting are the twisted psyches of the Senators and Congressmen who consistently vote against the wishes of the majority of their constituents regarding gun violence. What is the etiology of callous cowardice? Is there something in their backgrounds that might account for their political self-interest? For their indifference to the  fact that their actions assure continued slaughter of the parents and children they purport to represent? Are there warning signs that will alert us to a politicians propensity for slavish obeisance to NRA dictats and dollars?Well never understand Aaron Alexis, and we can only pray for the wisdom and foresight to prevent the next crazy man with a gun from hurting people. By contrast, NRA pawns at every level of government are easy to identify, and the damage they cause is easier still to avert. 

    Just don't vote for them

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