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    Sleepy Hollow

    As one of the many new Autumn shows to grace our television screens this year, FOXs revamping of Washington Irvings Sleepy Hollow is immensely enjoyable, without sticking altogether too closely to the source material that inspired it. The first set of clues? It includes a disgruntled British time traveler and the horseman galloping off at the end of the Pilot episode clutching an A-K 47. Not exactly the cauterised axe swinging horseman that you may have been expecting, but in my opinion, it adds a brilliant modern twist to an already gripping story.Of course, adaptations of this popular classic are nothing new, what with Tim Burtons Sleepy Hollow springing instantly to mind in a very gothic, candlelit sort of way, but here the similarities end in comparison to the new FOX show.

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