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    Just a quick one this week. Still a lot of items to catalog and prepare before next weekends big Boston International Antiquarian BookFair. And the visitors will be arriving soon!
    Over at Flatrocks Gallery Anne Marie and Cynthia are getting warmed up for the holiday season with a wonderful show called FeastAs you might imagine, this show features images of food in various media, and food-related items in clay, fabric, wood, and stone.
     I happened to overhear them brainstorming about it last month, and had a sudden inspiration.
    Anne Marie, remember that bookshop in Portland we used to stop at? The one that specialized in food?
    Yeah. What a fun place. What was it called?
    Rabelais. Why dont we get Don, the guy that owns the business, to bring some food-related books and accessories down?
    Brilliant! Think hell do it?
    We can always ask.
    Ask we did. And Don Lindgren, proprietor of Rabelais Books (along with his wife, Samantha Hoyt Lindgren), was more than happy to bring some books down. In fact, when Cynthia asked if hed give a talk about feasting in conjunction with the show, he graciously assented to that as well.
    So, the day before the show opened, we set up his books in my book alcove, then went out for a wonderful lunch
    The opening was a big success
    and Dons books got a lot of attentionBy the time he finishes his talk, (November 21, 7:30 at Flatrocks Gallery - come on down!!) hes going to have some new customers.
    This got me to thinking about the rut I sometimes find myself in going from bookfair to bookfair, wondering why I never see any fresh faces
    And it occurred to me that maybe I ought to explore some new venues. Smarties in our trade, like the Baumans and Don Heald have been doing the big antique shows for years. Perhaps I ought to investigate more shows like Marvin Getmans antique shows  or Antiques Week up in New Hampshire. Super scouts Bill Hutchison, Peter Luke and Matty Needle have been plugged into the antiques circuit for years, and Peter claims he gets some of his best material at train shows, gun shows and the like.
    As a trade, I think we need to open the windows and let a little air in come up from the basement, out from behind the glow of that computer screen, away from the dusty shop and the zombie hordes of impecunious browsers.Every once in a while we need to seek other voices, other rooms.
    Well, you know what I mean
    Next week whos hot and whos not. Boston 2013

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