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    Finding Flow: The Psychology of Engagement with Everyday Life (Masterminds Series) is a quick, yet highly informative read on the psychology behind "Flow," or being in a focused state where one is immersed in a rewarding pursuit, which is a more quantifiable and desirable state than the generic and often fleeting state we call "happiness." The book is based on a scientific study the author (pronounced "Chick-sent-me-high", I had always wanted to know!) devised by monitoring the journals, activities and psychological states of his subjects over a period of time.

    This book also offered interesting insights into achieving the desired "Flow" in relationships and family units. It confirmed some of my rationale for why being an entrepreneur is extremely fulfilling at times, and gave practical suggestions for how to find meaning, enjoyment and enthusiasm in the mundane tasks that consume much of our time. The differences between active and passive leisure time are worth noting, and should result in the change of several habits, especially the excessive amounts of television I watch when I'm exhausted.

    I suspect that many booksellers are able or at least attempt to enter this optimal state while under the gun during the first hour of a crowded library book sale.  What methods do you use to enter this state?  I try to isolate a table or shelf in one of my particular specialties with at least a small batch of volumes with publisher's seals I know to be lucrative and then focus on that area before moving on to the next, as I find that when I am fluttering around aimlessly my boxes tend to stay only half-filled.  Why does it often feel like there are better books in another section? 

    Highly recommended. You'll need a highlighter and a notebook for this one, and I suspect to reread selected passages throughout my life. I only wish it gave more tips on how to further my ambitions as a freestyle rapper.

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