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  • Mon, 02 Jul 2012 10:11:22    Permalink
    Way back in the golden days of Internet bookselling, a group of dedicated Ebay sellers created a discussion board called "A Book That Looks Like Nothing," a forum to share books that they came across in the field which did not appear to be anything special or significant at first glance, but were, in fact, of significant resale value.  The first example was for early editions of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd's investment classic: 

    Posters continued to share their finds in the field until a virtual treasure trove of information had been compiled, and continue to post on the forum to this day, although posts appear to be less frequent. I proposed that booksellers who are active on Twitter begin to post relevant finds and photos under the following hashtag:


    Let the games begin! Also, feel free to share your finds on the original Ebay discussion forum.I'll get us started off with a recently published but already out-of-print paperback volume on Railway Travel which I scouted over the weekend:

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