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    I came across the out-of-print Dover publication pictured above at a library sale this past weekend.  In fact, I seem to come across this same title at least once a year.  This crafting classic was originally published in the UK by B.T. Batsford, which is also an excellent publisher flashpoint to remember.  
    From the Anova Books Group website: "Founded in 1843, Batsford is an imprint with an illustrious heritage that has built a tradition of excellence over the last 168 years. As a leading publisher of definitive books for the serious enthusiast and professional, Batsford has developed an enviable reputation in the areas of fashion and design, embroidery and textiles, chess, heritage, horticulture and architecture."
    Here is an additional link to the Google Images listings for Batsford.
    Craft books and books on "Bobbin Lace" tend to appear in droves, so make sure to keep a close eye out when you find one, as others are almost sure to be close by.  Here are links to some additional titles I have sold on "Bobbin Lace" over my ten plus years in online bookselling:

    One more additional and related flashpoint to explore: Torchon Lace and Lacemaking.  Finally, you might be surprised to find what a Completed Listings search thread on actual vintage and antique "Bobbin Lace" brings up.  

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