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    Fifty Romance Lyric Poems

    The holidays are just around the corner. Santa is filling his bag, polishing his sleigh, and ensuring the reindeer are getting plenty of cardio in advance of the big night, December 24th. And perhaps that ‘big gift’ for your loved one(s) is already secreted away in the closet or a drawer, but stocking stuffers, accompaniments and remembrances for friends have yet to be secured.

    Why not a book?

    And in that vein, Tavistock Books offers our Holiday list, “A 100 for a $100 (or Beyond the Borderless!).” The one hundred books that comprise this list have been individually selected for their interesting & diverse nature, gift quality appearance, and modest price. You’ll find the entire list of select acquisitions online, and we invite you to peruse it. The list may be sorted by various means; just select your preferred option from the upper right.

    Should you have queries regarding any of this material, or other listings you The Perfect Present-Haguemay find on our site, please contact us! We thank you for your attention, and we hope you find something of interest while browsing these offerings.

    Happy Holidays to All!

    Kind Regards,

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    Margueritte Peterson

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