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    Marvin Getman's Antiques & Design ShowThis can be a very constricting profession. Financial and intellectual pressures tend to create a kind of intensity in our relationship to our material. We've got to understand that manuscript. We've got to get that catalog out, get those books online. I keep talking about the need for different experiences, new venues, fresh points of view. About getting out and looking at the forest instead of the trees. Or different trees, at least.
    And, every once in a while I take my own advice. When books and paper get a little stale, there’s always an“antique show” to try.
    In this case it was Marvin Getman’s Antiques & Design Show, held at the venerable Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, Mass.
    Yes, the Shriners can seem kinda goofy,
    What with their funny hats and all,
    but the fact is, they keep old men from overcrowding the bars at American Legion clubs throughout New England, and they actually do good works – primarily funding the Shriner’s Hospitals forChildren. In truth, these guys are heroes.
    But on with the show...
    Marvin always gets the people out...and they tend to be different people than the used book crowdNo, I didn’t buy much. And yeah, I actually sold decorative maps and charts,

    so this show was a reversal of the norm for me. But I met two new customers this weekend and, more importantly, I got to look at different kinds of things. Something other than books and paper. I got to stretch my imagination, to see what other people even thought might be sellable. I spent two days consuming eye candy, and I think my future scouting will be better for it.
    On the theory that a picture is worth 1000 words, here’s a lengthy essay on what I saw.

    or check out Marvin's video here… 
    Next week… Now that my eyes are refreshed, on to the Big Apple!

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