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    Long storied with a huge cult following, the Blackwing was developed by Eberhrard Faber Pencils.

    The company discontinued production of the Blackwing in 1998.   Several of the people who were adherents of the brand attempted to have Ebrerhard Faber reintroduce the brand however the company decided not to do so.

    The pencil had attracted a wide following and well know artists and authors were among the people who ultimately drove the pencil into stardom.

    • Frank Lloyd Wright
    • Stephen Sondheim
    • Chuck Jones
    • John Steinbeck
    • Quincy Jones

    The 602 developed the reputation of being the finest pencil ever made.   It's graphite core combined with a mixture of clay resulted in the pencil requiring far less effort than the traditional pencil and a style and design that made it an item of contemporary functional art.

    Because of the formulation of the graphite the pencil earns the reputation of:  "Half The Pressure and Twice the Speed."

    California Cedar reintroduced Blackwings in 2010  to favorable reviews.  In 2011 the company reintroduced the "602" which was a strong remake of the original and many feel that it stands up to its reputation of the World's Finest Pencil.

    Barner Books of New Paltz has been offering the pencils to its customers in the New Paltz store as well as online.   Because of popular demand along with a dedication to wanting people to experience the three models available, Barner now offers the pencils in a three pack (one of each) or a deluxe gift box which includes 12 pencils (4 of each style).

    The three Palomino Blackwing Pencils include:

    • The Blackwing - Soft and Smooth
    • The Blackwing 602 - Firm and Smooth
    • The Pearl - Balanced and Smooth


     To purchase the set click the link

    Barner Offers the Sampler pack of the Blackwing (1 of each pencil)

    To purchase the sampler click here

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