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    I had a pretty good blog idea sketched out for this week. It was going to be an essay about blogs, because I had recently participated in an event sponsored by the Gloucester Writers Centerin which half a dozen local bloggers talked about their blogs – the hows, whys, and wherefores. You can see the videoon one of Gloucester's most successful blogs, “Good Morning Gloucester” along with a chat between Joey Ciaramitaro - that blog's presiding genius - and Jim Dowd, creator of an exciting new local blog, The Clam
    My planned essay focused on the assertion by Dowd that the old “newspaper” model of how we get our news is outmoded and inefficient. Only geezers read the newspapers in hard copy every morning. Most people now get the news on their devices, and the newspaper model is inadequate for delivering this kind of information, bristling with images and hot links. I planned to extend that idea a little and ask whether or not the old “catalog” model was an inefficient way of selling books. Over the past year or so “Bookman's Log” has begun to get traction as a sales venue, as well as a way of delivering fresh news about the book world. Maybe blogs, facebook, twitter, tumblr, Instagram or, more likely, their future iterations, will prove to be more efficient at selling books than ABE & company, or the tried and true “click hereto see our new catalog."
    But then something else came up.
    I got an email from the wife of my writer buddy Anthony WellerOver the past few years he has been seriously affected by MS, and the prognosis is not good. At this time his physical limitations are extreme. He needs help with everything.
    Everything, that is, except thinking.
    Anthony's always sharp mind has not diminished a whit. And despite the obviously depressing reality of having regressed from published author and world class guitarist to quadriplegic in a few short years, his outlook is stoic. His courage is enormous and his sense of humor is as sharp as ever – maybe sharper.Here's the kicker. Anthony has another book in him – probably his last – but as matters now stand, he has no way of getting it out. He can't type, he can't operate a computer, and his speech is too faint and raspy to allow the use of Dragon or a transcription device. He needs to hire a typist. Someone who will sit and listen carefully to what he says, and type it into a computer.
    To do this, of course, he needs money. We've scratched up enough to get started, but we will need more. And, as Anthony says, “Time is of the essence.”
    If you would like to contribute to as worthy a cause as you're likely to encounter, please contact me at
    Thanks,Greg Gibson

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