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    Super Bowl didn't start until 11:30 pm in Ireland, so there was plenty of time for an afternoon walk up Mt. Clara in County Cork. The game itself was surreal.
    Al and Chris frequently interrupted by Irish presenters with little feel for the game, and, strangely, no Super Bowl commercials! Instead we got the usual round of cheesy Irish ads for Lucozade, phone sex (the dial-in number ended 69-69-69) and Budweiser, which these people think is a fancy imported beer. A nation of savages!
    Guess that's why I love it here.
    The game itself was one of the best in years. The weird circus catch over rookie Butler in the final seconds causing post-traumatic flashbacks of the end of the first Brady-era loss to the Giants, only to be replaced seconds later by the amazing sight of that same rookie, Butler, coming back with a game winning interception of a bone headed play. 
    Thanks, Seattle, 
    Thanks, Ireland.

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