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    Kam, Troy, and I  have been busy making blank books and journals out of old library books and school books.    The first step in the process is to take apart the old book, using an exacto knife to carefully remove the text block, then comes cutting blank pages of the same size and thickness.  The fun part is choosing pages from the deconstructed book to leave interspersed amongst the blank pages - these are often illustrations, or pages with cool ex-library marks like a perforated name stamp.

    A stack of books with their new blank text blocks.After the paper has been cut, Troy glues the blank pages together (perfect binding) using a metal brush to rough up the paper fibers before applying PVA bookbinding adhesive.  He also drills holes along the edge of the binding and sews the text block for added strength, adding decorative headbands and ribbon bookmark
     Here's Troy with his headbands and ribbons.  

    Finally, Kam and I glue the newly formed blank text blocks back inside the old bindings.
    Kam gluing the book back together.

    You can see our finished results on our Etsy page, as well as on our own website.

    Here's a journal made from a 1938 gardening book.

    Ever thought of writing your diary in shorthand?

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