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    (l-r: beets, chard, eggplant, beans, carrots, snow peas)Haven't sold a book in a week, but my cash flow is holding steady. (Bookselling Tip #56 - When no money comes in, don't pay the bills). My gardens are looking pretty good, and I feel like I might be getting a start on a proposal for another book (had to put the detective story back in the drawer to ripen... Or maybe it was already too ripe.)Anyway, with so little going on for me in the antiquarian book world, I don't have much blogfodder this week, except for Maritime List 230, which I finished when I wasn't in the garden. It's not a high powered gathering of stuff, but it contains a lot of whimsical, interesting material. Here's my fave...Ephemera.Press Kit and Photos for Sinbad the Sea Dog. Twenty-eight 8 x 10 glossies of Sinbad the Sea Dog seeing the sights in Manhattan, flirting with pretty girls, hanging out in night clubs, working aboard ship, and posing next to recruiting posters. Considerable duplication; there are probably a dozen images. Plus typed and printed press releases circa 1946, and several pages of handwritten notes, including itineraries for Sinbad's New York tour, which has him appearing at Toots Shor's, Times Square, The Stork Club and the Copacabana, with bands and celebrities. Sinbad, already an eight year veteran of the Coast Guard, was being used as a PR vehicle and recruiting tool for the post war Coast Guard. He is described by his agency as "a well-known mongrel, a celebrity, full of personality and loaded down with human interest... He's the only dog in the service to receive a citation for heroism-at-sea (when his ship, the "SS Campbell", rammed a U-boat in the North Atlantic.) For this, he was promoted from DFC (Dog, First Class) to CD (Chief, Dog). He lost his promotion a few weeks later when the Captain broke him for insubordination." He also did brig time in Palermo for fraternizing with local pups, and was the subject of a book entitled "Sinbad of the Coast Guard." If I were a good bookseller, I'd have obtained a copy of this book, but I'm not and I have not, so you'll have to purchase one of the 67 copies available online to accompany this whimsical archive. It's a dog's life! The lot $150

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