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    For a contemporary novelist, becoming a household name is not easy. A Man Booker Prize (of which Ian McEwan has been a recipient) may not do it. Nor, indeed, may a prominent spot on TIME’s list of the 50 best British authors since 1945. Surely, then, we must attribute Ian McEwan’s name recognition at least partially to luck, and more than a little bit to a well-respected film adaptation of his critically acclaimed novel Atonement (2001). But a reputation like McEwan’s can’t be built on luck alone. Rather, it must be built on a strong foundation of literary acumen, pieced together, in McEwan’s case, from a well-trained ear for language and an uncommon sense of urgency. It is lucky not just for Ian McEwan but for the community of readers that such well wrought fictions reach a wide audience.  Here are five interesting facts about the acclaimed author.

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