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    Careen is good responsible student who does what she's told.  She's also living in a world I never want to see here.  Big Brother has nothing over the "god who would be", a man who believes he can run the country and control the people and have everything he wants...

    PR by the Book sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can get a copy now.

    The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense is "protecting" the public.  They are doing this by shutting down concerts, sporting events, social media, no cash transactions, no driver's licenses or travel, and they have also shut down grocery stores.  After all they could be targets for terrorists.  You'll get your groceries from the OCSD, use your debit card so they can track you, and you will do what you are told.  To ensure that, they announce airborne chemical weapons and give you a tube with a liquid that will protect you.  You only need to take it when it is announced as time and you only use three drops.  Their famous saying is that:  "It's a small price to pay."

    Suddenly everyone goes lackadaisical.  No one is working; no one is going to school. It suddenly looks like everyone has "taken a trip but never left the farm" as one of the songs I listened to growing up said.  There's a good reason for that.  The "god who would be" is drugging them with hallucinogens. 

    Careen knows a boy (or thinks she does) and tries to get him to help her.   She just wants to feel safe.  It will be a long time before she feels safe...

    This is the first book in this series.  I will be reviewing the second book tomorrow.  Things don't get better for Careen...

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