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    Tommy and Careen are on the run.  They've found out the truth about the antidote and they don't want to take it anymore.  When they meet members of the Resistance, they're more than willing to join them.

    PR by the Book sent me an ebook of this story for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.  This is the second book in the series.

    Careen is eighteen and hasn't met as many disillusioned and apathetic people as I have.  She thinks she's helping when says things but many of them backfire.  After all, she has price on her head now for murder, even though she never murdered anyone.  And she thinks that helping the people with food will be a benefit.  It was until the food warehouses were shut down.  While she's despairing with how her attempts to help are received, she also finds out the members of the Resistance don't mind if people die.  That means those in control are losing control.  All she can think of is the dead people; they are looking at the cost of war.

    Tommy has fallen in love with her.  Unfortunately, one of the Resistance men has, too.  It creates a conflict at home.  Tommy gets jealous of how much time she spends with other Resistance members.  And Careen doesn't know how to handle the conflict that she feels when two men want her for their own.

    Soon she will have bigger problems and less to worry about.  Especially if they begin drugging her again...

    This is an exciting busy series about a world out of control with an insane manager.  You won't be bored when you read about it.

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