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    Gold: A Forest Play

    Author:  Frederick S. Myrtle 

    Music By:  H. J. Stewart

    Published by:  Bohemian Club-San Francisco; First Edition/Printing

    Date:  1916

    Performance:  August 1916

    Play written and performed for the San Fancisco based Bohemian Club - this being the fourteenth.

    Book includes color plate illustrations of the costumes, and this copy is signed by:

     Frederick S. Myrtle
    H. J. Stewart
    J. R. Congell
    C. L. Dam

    Illustrations are on pasted in plates.
    Costume Deisns by:  L. Maynard Dixon

    Soldier; The Sergeant; Mutineer

    The Spirit;  Woodland King; Satyr
    Brook-Spirit; Cave-Spirit

    Evil Impulse; Destiny;  Good Impulse

    The Friar Superior; The Comandante; Jovial Friar

    Camp-Tender; Indian; Muleteer

    Music; Vision; Literature

    Colored Cover by Frank Van Sloun

    Available for purchase from our website (CLICK HERE)

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