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    They are gifted.  They are also hunted...

    The author and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  I enjoyed the first one in this series and was eager to see how the story continues.  This book will be published December 11th.

    Phillip is obsessed with getting his father back.  Natalie tries to calm him and keep him out of trouble but that's not working out well.  When he meets Delroy and finds he knew his dad and had seen him since his disappearance, he wants Delroy to use his special skills to locate him now.  He refuses.  But you can't get rid of Phillip that easily.

    Phillip and Natalie are best friends but they each dare to do a few more things with their power each time they travel through time.  One or the other holds back for the most part but not always.  It's hard to stay hidden when you go out in the open.  Martin will never stop looking for them.  He wants to absorb their gifts.

    There's plenty of danger, world travel, adventure and magic involved in this story.  A lot happens in this second in the series and most of it is for the good.  But the story hasn't all been told yet.  Natalie has set out on her own and you know Phillip will be following...

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