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    It wasn't supposed to turn out like it did.  All Teddy was doing was going to pick up some animals in Iceland.  She works for the zoo, so she needs to learn how to care for them and then come back with them and keep them calm.  She wasn't supposed to get involved in a murder case...

    Poisoned Pen Press and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 3rd.

    Teddy is enjoying her fellow zookeeper and Iceland in particular.  She was ready for frozen ground and snow, but it's August and it's pleasant there.  She loves the baby polar bear.  She can't wait to go for a horse ride on the island.  When she finds a dead man on top of a puffin's burrow, she wishes they had taken a different route...

    The first thing the inspector does is check her out and tell her to stay out of his case.  She went to Iceland for animals and vacation, she has no intention of getting involved.  Of course, it's the birding group that she noticed in the bar that's involved.  Since the dead man was paying for everything, she wasn't sure why anyone would kill him.  But he had some bad habits, like other women.  His wife said they had an open marriage.  Uh huh...

    Teddy gets more involved then she should.  Her boyfriend back in the states is mad at her and so's the inspector here.  When the volcano blows, that's not the only thing that goes off.  The killer is after Teddy.

    This was a good read.  The info about the animals and birds was interesting and so was hearing about Iceland.  The mystery's solution was one I wasn't anticipating.  I enjoyed this story.

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