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    Ever since I read Isaac Asimov's stories about robots, I was hooked.  I find robots fascinating and love seeing what authors do with them.  This is a tale about the last robot on earth and his job.  He's an assassin...

    Tor and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It is being published today so you can grab a copy now.

    Raymond Electromatic is good at his job.  He doesn't feel guilt, each morning is a fresh start for him and his memory is only good for one day.  He has to recharge each evening.  The computer that advises him and recharges him is like his office manager.  Ada directs him to his jobs, takes care of the money, and back talks him here and there.  When a young woman comes in and asks him to kill an actor, neither of them is sure they want to take the job.  But when she opens the tote bag she brought in and shows him gold, they take it.

    Poor Ray has no idea what he's getting into.  There's a conspiracy, government agents, radioactive materials, and mind transfers involved.  This author has a very good imagination.  

    It's sci-fi fantasy that has a touch of noir to it.  I enjoyed the tale.  It was a bit twisted (in more than one way) and some folks died here and there, but that's how noir works.  I'd read another story about Ray.  He's quite some robot!

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