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    Kitty is a pet food chef and is invited to tape a new TV show.  This is her first experience at it and she's very nervous.  Gretchen tells her she'll be fine and sends her out on the set.  She ad libs and invites a pet on her set and calms down.  The show goes well.  Before she leaves she tries to find Gretchen to see what she thought.  When she locates her, she has one of Kitty's knives in her back and is dead.  Even worse, the security guard is in the doorway looking at her...

    Severn House and Net Galley let me read this book for review (than you).  It will be published January 1st and you can grab a copy then.

    It gets even more miserable when the police show up.  Her boyfriend is a cop and he's treating her like a suspect!  The final nail in her coffin is the supervisor.  She's a long tall blonde and she's way too close to Jack. She gets mad at Jack and tells him she'll solve this mystery herself.  Both Jack and his supervisor tell her to stay out of it.  You can bet she doesn't listen.

    Gretchen is a woman who makes everyone around her hate her.  She's been married a couple of times, had another lover, had a couple of children, and had more enemies than anyone should.  Kitty means to help but most of her suspicions just muddy the water.  When she finally gets the story right, it's a good chance she might be the next murder victim...

    You get pet food recipes, an exciting tale and drama all about.  It keeps you reading and wondering about the killer.  That works for me.

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