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    I've spent my whole life with cats, so Mr. Tofield's comics make me smile before I even open the book.  I know he shows realistic situations with animals.  He also makes me laugh...

    Akashic Books sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can grab a copy now.

    Trying to take an animal to the vet can be a very trying experience.  When my Bengal cat Lily had a bite on her tail and needed treatment, I told them she had nasty claws and didn't like being contained.  He told me that she needed oral medicine.  I told them it wasn't possible to feed her that.  So they demonstrated it for me.  The cat got the assistant with a good scratch and practically went after the doctor. He then said that: "You don't have to get all in her."  Uh huh.  It wasn't as bad as the scene in this comic, but it was close.

    My favorite part of this book is the cat's relationship with a cranky neighbor.  The neighbor is blaming the cat for any yard damage and leaving poop there.  It seems that the poor cat is innocent but it's not until the cat helps him that he calms down and accepts it.  I've had some of those type of neighbors, too.

    Cats are inquisitive, like to play, and never forget a slight.  If you haven't owned one, this your chance to see what a challenge having one can be.  I'll always have cats.  They purr, they love you, and they are good company.  Of course, there is another side to them... 

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