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    Krissy has a bookstore/cafe and a famous father.  She loves her father but finds him embarrassing because he loves being in the limelight.  She's more of an introvert and enjoys her small store and most of her customers.  It's the book clubs that give her a bit of a problem.

    Kensington Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published November 24th.

    When one of the book club presidents brings in a cardboard cut out of her father, she hates it.  So she decides to sneak down and remove it.  She'll return it to the lady after the event so she doesn't have to look at it all day.  Sounds innocent enough, but it turns into trouble for her.

    Her next door neighbor tells the cops she saw her go out when she reads about the murder the next day.  A new book club member has been killed in the shop.  She never saw him or the killer but she has one cop that really hates her and he harasses her.  When she loses her temper and hits on his shoulders, she finds herself in jail for assault on police officer.  If all that isn't bad enough, her former date won't even talk to her.  He's the chief's son and he's distancing himself from her.

    Krissy is one of those inept people who speaks before they should.  When she does it during the competition, it almost lands her in jail again.  She had the crime all wrong.  About the time she gets it right, it's almost too late...

    This was an interesting cozy mystery filled with lots of odd characters and secrets all around.  I'd like to see Krissy get a bit stronger.  I'll have to read the next one to see if she can get her new love interest back.  She snarled when she should have made peace.

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