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    Jonathan has left his old life behind.  No more thieving.  He's a father now and his daughter is his world.  He has to do something when someone starts killing people and using his signature as a symbol on the bodies.  He's not the murderer.  He's also not really being framed; he's being sent a message...

    Witness Impulse sent me a copy of this book for review (thank you).  It has been published so you can grab a copy now.

    This book reminds of the TV series, 24, or of a James Bond film.  It's a high paced thriller with lots of action, explosions and even medical experiments to keep your attention.  I think if it was a bit shorter it would read better.  I found myself setting it down and coming back to it.  I would have read it straight through if it hadn't had so much detail.

    Jonathan knows someone is trying to find him.  When a picture he stole to present the rightful museum owner ends up in a body marked with the monarch, he finds out the museum director sold it to a collector.  Then it went on the black market.  Someone knows of his past and wants something from him.  He calls his old partner and tells him what's going on.  They decide to investigate.

    What surprised me was that the author gave them love interests in this story.  They're running around the countryside, Lew's killing anybody that gets in their way, and they aren't getting anything to eat or an opportunity to sleep, but they find love?  It's not impossible but I thought it was odd.

    When the madman kidnaps his daughter, Jonathan has no choice.  He agrees to meet with the man who has her.  He wants one last thing to make his transformation complete and he sends Jonathan after it.  

    It's an exciting read.  I like the team of Jonathan and Lew.  They complement each other well.  The plot was unusual, the ending was a blow out, and I'm glad I have the next book in the series to read, too.  Jonathan might be retired, but the monarch is still alive.

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