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    Sara is a reader.  She lives in Sweden, has worked in a bookstore, and met a lady through a book purchase that she corresponded with in snail mail.  Amy had sent her books to read that taught her more about people in the states and how much she could learn from reading.  Sara decides to visit Amy at her invitation and sets out to meet this wonderful older woman who is now her friend.

    Sourcebooks Landmark and Net Galley gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 1st.

    She finds Broken Wheel is an almost vacant town.  There is a diner and not much else.  She waits patiently for Amy to come and get her.  After all, she has her book and can read contently anywhere.  After a while, a lady who has bought groceries tells her to go in the diner and ask about her there.  The lady in the diner tells her Amy has died...

    George, who is a sober drunk, drives her to the house Amy owned and the reception at the house after the funeral.  Sara knows no one, isn't sure what to do, and is overwhelmed by Amy's death.  They tell her she can use the house, Amy would have wanted it that way.

    Sara knows a lot about the people in the town because Amy told her about them.  She learns most everybody in town just bartered goods.  She also finds out there's a vacant building there that Amy owned.  She decides to start a bookshop and sell Amy's books.  Sounds good, but the people of the town aren't readers.  She decides to teach them to love books. That's only fair because they have something to teach her:  all about love.

    This is a sweet story with lots of books, meddlers and several side stories that add to an enjoyable story.  Sara does find love, so all ends well.

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