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    He got shot by Bonnie and Clyde and lost his right arm.  Is he going to get on with life or end it?  He's not sure.  Then he hits a dog and has to take it to the local vet.  The veterinarian sends him home with the dog.  Now he's got to live...

    Edelweiss and Seventh Street Books allowed me to read this book for review (thank you)  It will be published January 5th.

    He's a widower and being a ranger was his life.  Now he's free to do what he wants, but he doesn't want to do anything.  He knows they found a young dead woman by the road, but he's not a ranger anymore so he can't do anything about it.

    He met a Mexican janitor while in the hospital and when he finds him at his door and is asked to find his daughter, he's not enthused.  She's hanging out with bad company, though, so he agrees to look.

    When he finds his son in the area he knows it's because the sheriff needs some help with the young girl's deaths.  It becomes a large crisis as the bodies stack up.  Since he and his son aren't close, it makes things tense for both of them.  They quarrel their way through the book.

    This is a tough story.  Everyone is trying to survive, there is an unknown evil in town, and he's afraid Carmen might dead.  But he's still looking.  He just doesn't realize exactly what he's going to find...

    I'd read several of Mr. Sweazy's books and they are always good.  There's lots of action, people are coming to terms with who they are and how things work and it ends the best it could.  This is another on the good books list.

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