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    It's her thirteenth birthday so she's expecting the usual birthday cards from the usual people.  She's not expecting to get an old letter from her grandfather she never knew and has been dead for years!

    The author and Publishing Push shared a copy of this book with me for review (thank you).  It has been published.  You can find it on Amazon.

    The letter tells of a theft long ago and tells her she's the only who can solve the mystery and save her grandmother, Daisy, from being hung for the crime.  She's not sure how to do that, so she decides to visit the area in London where the crime was committed.

    I knew I was going to like this story as I got started reading but when the author adds a magical cat, she got all my attention.  Not only that, there's a beautiful dollhouse full of details, a mini grandfather clock that doesn't work and much more.  This is fantasy read that is just right for younger readers.  It was also just right for me.

    Claudia discovers she can travel through time and meets a young man who becomes a friend and works with her to try to solve the crime.

    There's an evil man who wants to use magic to take over the world, a good witch, her grandmother, and more in the past.  She learns that as she changes the past, she changes the present, too.  She also learns she's not done with her quest.  Now Hugo is in trouble!

    I enjoyed this story enough it's going in my personal library.  I'll be watching for the next book.  You ought to read it, too.

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