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    There are dark spots appearing again in Willa's life.  She doesn't want any visitors from the other side so she's worried about them.  Why are they there?  Who's bringing them?  Can she stop them?

    Dundurn and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published January 9th.

    This is an adventure with different magical animals that help or hinder Willa in her quest.  She's trying to keep them safe, trying to stop any infighting, and trying to figure out why the black holes are coming back.

    There's good action, some fighting (can you imagine a fight between a dragon and a griffin?) and Willa discovers she has a power to call the magic animals with telepathy.  Unfortunately, that causes some problems in this story.

    The part that struck me as important was that the black holes are created by anger.  If you could calm down and get over it, they stopped growing.  That's a very interesting concept.  It's got the ring of truth to it.

    The dwarves were my favorites.  They are rebuilding the house that was burnt to the ground and, when they're not fighting with fairies, they are doing some other special things, too.  When the others find out, they're thankful.  They need the supplies the dwarves give them to fight that  battle at the end.

    This may not be Willa's final battle but it's a good read and will provide plenty of excitement for your middle reader.

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