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    Runt always seems to get in trouble, even when he's trying to do something good.  He's working on being a good minion but seems to be lacking in the evil department.  He does have friends and he has a real concern, too.  He's been cursed and will die on his 16th birthday if the curse isn't lifted.  Of course, no one knows who laid the curse or why or how to fix it...

    Amulet Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  It will be published in April and so you have time to read the first book in the series before it's published.

    I enjoyed the first one and found this one even better to read.  Runt has settled down and doesn't think he's a werewolf anymore.  He doesn't know quite who he is, but he does know that.  Now he just has to adjust to being human.  That's not easy to do in Minion School.  

    Ms. Grau throws in gorillas, an evil school principal, a secret library system, a fashion show and more in this story.  It's busy, has many layers, and I keep wondering when Runt is going to find out about his curse.  The tale rolls and rollicks across the pages and will keep even young readers' eyes on the pages.

    The ending is well done and sets the stage for another in this series.  That's good; I'm ready to read the next one.

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