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    Quinnie enjoys living in the little town in Maine.  Her mom wears many hats here.  She's the police chief, the real estate agent, the post master and the chief of police.  Her father owns Gusty's where he serves Gusty burgers and you can get a side of lobster fries.  She gets privately tutored.  What could mess up her life?  A missing tutor, that's what.

    Carolrhoda Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published March 1st.

    When Quinnie tries to make her mom take a missing persons report, she tells her it's too soon to do so and the teacher probably just forgot her appointment with Quinnie.  Quinnie is not buying it.  She has decided that she must have been kidnapped.

    This was an entertaining read because Quinnie is a determined detective.  She's willing to sneak around and do her own investigation (with the help of friends, of course).  She accuses one man and then another of kidnapping her because they had an interest in the missing woman.  While Quinnie is snooping and accusing, some odd folks have come into town.  They eat at her dad's restaurant but she doesn't trust them.

    With gang-like members in town and two nuns speeding through, it really turns into quite a story.  I enjoyed the story and it has a sweet ending.  Quinnie makes a good detective even if she drives her parents nuts and was all wrong.

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