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    When Pru and her brother and nephew begin digging up a portion of the garden, they find a body.  She doesn't have to go looking for trouble; it finds her...

    Alibi and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published March 15th.

    Pru is married to a cop (they're still in the honeymoon stage) so she knows what to do.  The body has no identification, just a ring on a bony finger.  Who he is remains a mystery.  Then there's another death...

    All this ties back to the end of WWI.  There's a German plane under the body.  Pru and her husband begin investigating.  I enjoyed the addition of a young nephew.  He's a hacker as well as a wonder with the web.  He proves useful in the story.

    This is a good story that is well written but I had a feeling who the killer was.  It's more fun to be surprised but the ending is still surprising.  There was more drama than I would have imagined and it made it more exciting and interesting.

    I like this couple and their relationships with friends and relatives.  Pru and her brother fight a bit.  So does Christopher and his sister.  Nobody gets along all the time so it makes it more of a realistic read.  I'm already looking forward to reading her next adventure.

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