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    She's going to avenge the deaths of her fellow FBI agents.  When so many died and it took so long for her recovery, she's amazed to find out that the major bad guy gets away by flipping and becoming an informant.  Why should a man who caused so many deaths be allowed to live?

    Pegasus Books and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published April 11th.

    When she visits a castle where a medieval event is being held to get close the man she hates, she finds an opportunity to play the part of a maid.  The man is a philanderer and can be tempted by an invitation.  She sends him one and puts ricin in his glass of wine she will offer him.  She's also checked out the room and found a secret passage way out.  She'll watch him die and then leave.  Unfortunately, he gets shot by someone else for before the entering room.  It's a good thing she found that passage because the killer is after her next.  It's also a bad thing because when she leaves the passage she finds herself in the time she was playing as a maid.  She's moved through time...

    This story is very creative, the characters are vibrant and smart, and the murders are gruesome.  Young women are being killed by a monster who loves to hurt them as well as rape them.  The only problem I have is that Kendra arrives with a chip on her shoulder, uses modern language and acts like a woman in that era doesn't and nobody challenges her.  They wonder about her knowledge of murder and think she's too outspoken, but they know she's American and decide that's where the difference comes from.  The Duke also defends her and everyone respects him.

    This was a good murder mystery, the interactions between the characters was well portrayed and she even manages to fall in love.  The ending is very interesting and satisfying.  I enjoyed this read. 

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