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    Nat can't believe they have to sell the farm.  It's home!  If only she could find a way to help financially...

    The author of this book shared a copy with me to read for review (thank you).  You can get a copy on Amazon now.

    The main characters are young adults who have varied interests and backgrounds.  They use what they know to work together as a team.  There are also legends, myths, and some magic involved.

    There is a treasure hidden in a cave.  Which cave is unknown.  When Nat's silly little sister starts jumping on the roof of the house, she falls through.  They know she must be in the attic but they can't see her.  That's when they find the secret room upstairs and get their first hint in the mystery.

    They talk to their old neighbor and enlist his granddaughter in their quest to find the treasure.  It's a real challenge to decode the clues and find the cave.  It's also dangerous.  Someone else is looking for that treasure and they are determined to get it.  If someone gets in way, stomp over them.  The land is giving them enough trouble that they don't even think of humans being a danger.  They will...

    With lots of action and adventure searching for the cave, meeting fairies and more, the author has given you a tale that is fun to read and a bit mystical.  I really liked Nat and her family and her circle of friends.  I think you will, too.

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