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    They always had Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma.  This is the last year, though.  It's too much work for the grandparents so they want the others in the family take turns holding the event.  At the end of the evening, Grandpa reads aloud the letters he sent to Grandma many years ago.  It's a sweet treat that makes the two sisters featured in this story realize that unless they start doing snail mail, there will be no letters to reminisce over later.  They make a vow to be pen pals since one is in Singapore and the other one in Manhattan. 

    NAL sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It is being published today.

    The sisters have always been close, so it's no surprise they are honest with each other about life.  Doubts, insecurities and more creep into the letters.  What causes the problem is that the one in Manhattan decides to scan and save the letters on a private blog.  When the server goes down and comes back up again, her blog is no longer private.  Neither is her life.

    Anything you write on the internet can be hacked or made public.  It's not unusual for things that were erased come back to life.  Raw emotions sell well.  It's when someone tries to buy her story that she finds out it's live on the web.  She makes it private again but it's too late.

    The Manhattan sister is trying to get her life together with twins and a husband that's a very good man and husband, but a bit boring.  She's not being real charming herself.  When she runs into her old boyfriend, she wonders what if?

    The Singapore sister who has an older boy and a new daughter finds out that her husband is sleeping with another woman.  He's never home because he travels for his job.  That gives him plenty of opportunity.

    Trying to resolve their own problems and talking about them is what starts trouble.  You don't want to have the public know your problems.

    Despite all the difficulties and trying to explain to her husband how all this became public knowledge, the story still ends well.  It just depends on how strong you are.  These sisters are made of steel.

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