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  • Fri, 08 Apr 2016 08:30:00    Permalink
    What do you do when the worst happens?  On a space station in the deep unexplored part of space, losing your power is deadly.  That means the poisonous air will infiltrate the station and with no heat or way to process food, they might as well be dead.  They try to fix the software and get them back to functioning.  The security chief goes after the saboteur...

    Mr. Owen sent me a copy of this book to read.  It has been published.  It's a short story and it's interesting.

    Merrill has no idea why the guy scuttled the space station but he knows he's going to catch him and ask him some questions.  It's a good idea but he doesn't realize what he's going to find when he encounters him. The man is crazy.  He thinks there are others out there waiting for him.  Merrill doesn't see anybody else.  But as the man dies, he lies and says they are coming for him...

    This is a story that makes you think.  Is depression catching?  Can you get crazy by talking to someone who is?  And is he crazy or is Merrill? All I know is that if the space station is failing, I'd be looking for a way out too.

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