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    Pen's father is a farmer and his mother died during his birth.  Pen has the feeling he's something more than a farmer's son but he's not sure why.  He's taking sword and knife lessons for an old knight because he thinks he needs the skills for the future.  Maybe he's to be a soldier?  Just don't tell his quiet farming father about it...

    The author and Goddess Fish Blog Tours gave me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  It has already been published and you can pick up a copy now.

    This is set in medieval times and the current king is evil and half insane.  There's a legend that the white deer is the one to pick the king.  This king not only did not get picked, he tried to kill the white deer.  When he doesn't succeed, he offers riches to anyone who can.

    Pen goes for a walk in the forbidden woods and sees the white deer.  She appears to talk to him but he doesn't remember much about it and he can't say where he's been and what he's seen.  He keeps it to himself.

    When the local tax collectors try to eject his father from the table the group is occupying at the tavern, he refuses to move.  He also disarms the man trying to kill him.  A friend takes care of the other tax collector.  They go to the King and lie to him about the event and tell him the boy has seen the white deer.  It's only a rumor but the King is deadly and they want to stay alive.  Soon, Pen has been kidnapped and taken to the castle dungeons.

    His farmer father shaves his beard, changes his clothes, and emerges as the General from the previous wars.  He's going after his son.  He takes a small party to make the rescue, then more join him.  He plans to fight the King and take the country back for the people.  His son wants to join him but he's young.  He's told to stay in the rear.  He does, for a while.

    There are lots of battle scenes, many deaths, and various alliances that must all come together for the removal of the King.  Pen gets feeling too secure in his skills and ignores his friends.  He still has much to learn.

    With lots of action, an interesting myth, and characters you begin to love, this story grabs you and keeps you reading.  It's well worth a read.

    Robert Sells will be awarding a $10 Amazon/BN GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.  Enter HERE.

    Follow the tour and comment; the more you comment, the better your chances of winning. The tour dates can be found HERE.

    Happy reading and good luck!

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