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    This is the first novella of the Lone Star Brides collection.  I like Western romances and this was a bit over a hundred pages so it was a short read.  Just what I was in the mood for!

    Serenade Books sent me an ebook to read for review (thank you).  The book has been published, so you can grab a copy on Amazon now.

    Amy had a mother who wasn't much of a mom.  She took care of her own needs and ignored Amy for the most part.  She certainly didn't love her.  Now that Amy is old enough to be on her own, she's trying to run her deceased aunt's craft shop.  She'd rather bake but the established business is already there and she's made friends with the women who frequent it.  She's even learning how to quilt.  When she visits the farm where she is taking quilting lessons, she finds Shirley on the floor with a broken ankle.  The railing on the stairway broke and took her with it.  Amy calls Daniel to tell him she's hurt and needs help.  He's competing in a rodeo and it takes a while to impress him with the importance of what happened.

    Amy is looking for a place to settle.  She's certainly not interested in another rodeo contestant.  She's had her fill of them.  Daniel just wants to take care of Grandma and get back out on the circuit.  He could win this year.  In the middle is Grandma, who doesn't want to listen to anyone about her limitations.  She doesn't do sick.

    The characters in the story are cute and quirky.  Gossip travels faster than traffic.  Everybody knows everybody else and their business.  So it doesn't take long until they're talking about Daniel and Amy.  Who aren't dating and don't intend to be.  Sure thing...

    In such a short tale, there's not enough room to solve all the problems but most are resolved with plans to fix the remainder.  And love does win, even if they didn't think so.

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