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    Mercy is determined to go the white girl's school up on Nob Hill.  She can only go through 8th grade at the Chinese school and she knows she needs an education to become a young woman who can help her family financially.  She knew she would have her battles there but she didn't know how much she would lose in her attempt to get ahead.

    G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers and Edelweiss gave me the opportunity to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published May 24th.

    Mercy almost blackmails herself into the school.  She has a rare Chinese root that the lady wants badly so she says that she will give it to her if she gets her a chance to talk to the school board and request admittance.  She garners that and with luck and a good word from her boyfriend, she gains admission.  She will be rooming there.  The bad part is the person she has to room with.  She's not Mercy's friend.

    This is set in the era when the great San Francisco earthquake hit.  The story is for young readers but they need to have some maturity before they read this.  A lot of people die, homes collapse and survivors can't find their relatives.  They can't salvage or they will be shot.  The army is late bringing them supplies.  They are all living in the park and hoping for the best even if it's not around.

    Mercy comes up with idea of recovering food and feeding the masses of folks in the park.  It seems impossible but it works.

    Poor Mercy has lost her family and her boyfriend but she's still helping people.  And she doesn't care if they are Chinese, Negro, Mexican or other.  We need more of that in the world.

    The story isn't all sad though.  It has a good ending even with the pall of grief still in the air.  Mercy hasn't given up.

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