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    Marjorie is worried.  She's been calling the library and nobody answers the phone.  She has a quick question for the librarian, who she uses as a resource in her indexing work.  She has to be there.  Could she be in a meeting?  When she finally reaches someone, it's the police.  The librarian won't be answering any more phone calls...

    Seventh Street Books sent me an ARC of this book to read for review (thank you).  The book will be published May 10th.

    Marjorie wants to go in and find out what happened.  They're saying it's suicide but she knows it can't be.  Calla was happy with her life and loved her job.  The only way she can go is if she can find someone who will watch over her husband.  He's blind and paralyzed and can't be left alone.  She goes to the neighbors hoping the young man there will help out.  He will and he has his girlfriend to help, too.  She's a candy striper, so she's had some experience with patients.

    When she looks at the body, she sees the gunshot was in the left temple.  Calla was right-handed.  She points that out to the acting police chief but he ignores her.  She refuses to give her theory up.

    The clues in this story are subtle.  A lot of what Marjorie finds is information she shouldn't have access to or in places she shouldn't be snooping.  I admire her because she uses her sense of "right" to follow up on her suspicions.

    The murderer wasn't on my suspect list and there's another twist in Marjorie's happy ever after marriage but the story was well written and kept my attention.  I want to see what happens in Marjorie's life in the future.  I'm hoping things get better and not worse. 

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