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    Miss Seeton is going to the country to stay in a home she has inherited from her godmother.  She's getting close to retirement and is thinking about moving to the village in the country to relax and enjoy her retirement.  Miss Seeton being Miss Seeton manages to get in trouble before she leaves.

    Farrago and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It was just published, so you can grab a copy now.

    Somewhere in mystery travels, I have met Miss Seeton in the past.  She's a lovely lady who taught school and never goes anywhere without her umbrella.  She's a bit like Miss Marple but she travels around and finds herself in odd circumstances.  She does a very good job of that in this story.

    She's been to a play and is walking home when she takes an alley for a shortcut.  She comes upon a couple groping each other in the doorway and the girl is being very rude.  Then he hits the girl so Miss Seeton taps his back with her umbrella and tells him to stop it.  He knocks her down and is coming after her with a knife but a nearing motorist chases him off.

    It seems the police are familiar with the man, especially after she draws a sketch for them.  They're glad to hear she's taking some time off in another village.  He's mean and vindictive and will be after her.  She gets away but must go back for the inquest.  When she does, the vicar comes along.  He thought the police were after her and was glad to hear that she was courageous.  So much so, he chats with the press about it.  He lets the cat out of the bag...

    She hears someone messing with her chickens and goes out to stop them.  Instead she meets a young man who points a gun at her.  She bops his hand with her umbrella and he shoots himself in the foot!

    It's funny, a bit farcical and serious all at the same time.  One of my favorite parts of the story are the villagers.  They make much out of nothing, create their own stories and the gossip runs rampant.  She's selling drugs, she's part of a gang, the police are after her, or something even worse.

    One thing about it, if Miss Seeton does move in, you can be the village won't be as quiet as it used to be...

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