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    That's not true.  I like goblins, dragons, trolls, elves, fairies and more as long as they are nice.  I couldn't skip this children's picture book because the illustrations were so sweet and it tickled my fancy, too.

    First Second Books and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It will be published the 7th of June and I've already got my order in on a copy.

    He's perfectly happy living in his cave with his books, rats, and a treasure that has a skeleton with it.  He visits the skeleton, they play with their treasure, and it's a good life.  Then the marauders show up and take all his treasure and the skeleton, too!

    He tells the troll he's going to get the skeleton back and the troll tells him nobody likes a goblin.  He doesn't know why not.  It doesn't take long until he finds out it's true, though.

    As he and the skeleton run away from the folks after them, they find a big cave to hide in.  He's amazed to see that there are other goblins!  With their help, he recovers all his loot and everyone is happy again.  

    How could you not enjoy this book?  It has great illustrations and the antics of the characters are great fun.  Mr. Hatke has another winner here.  Get a copy, you'll enjoy it.

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