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    Savannah has it's own breed of hospitality and it is effusive.  Sophie married a boy from there but had no idea she would be overwhelmed by social butterflies.  It's going to hard to adjust.  Especially since Will keeps going away to work on a private eye case and isn't around much himself...

    William Morrow sent me a copy of this book to read for review (thank you).  This is an ongoing series and is available now.

    Sophie is the main focus of this story.  She's a newly wed living in a home that Will's stepmother is updating to sell.  She and Will are very happy together when he's home.  But he's gone a lot.  So she's rattling around in this big old house all alone.  She's doing OK with that until she finds a body in her wardrobe.

    She calls the police, they investigate and they don't find any body.  She knows he was dead because he had a butcher knife sticking out his back, so he didn't walk off.  Where could the body have gone?  Soon they think she's seen a ghost.  In her frustration, she calls Faith and tells her about it.

    Faith is having her own problems.  Her daughter is being bullied, her husband is contemplating a move, and her life is turning upside down.  She offers Sophie what advice she can but with no body there's not much anyone can do.

    Underneath all that Savannah charm, there's also danger.  More than one person turns up dead.  Sophie keeps trying to fit pieces together but she doesn't know the people and the history of the area and it's hard to do.  Then Will goes missing.  She panics enough Faith comes to help her.  They find Will.  They also find a situation that is bad as a can of worms...

    This was a cozy type mystery and fun to read.  You never know what's going to happen with Faith and that's part of what makes the series fun to read.  Give it a try, you'll like it.

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