Member Blogs > Journey of a BooksellerBlack Magick Volume 1: Awakening, Part One (Black Magick 1) by Greg Rucka (Author), Jodi Wynne (Artist), Chiara Arena (Artist), Nicola Scott (Artist)

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    This volume begins with a witches coven.  As the ceremony commences, a cellphone goes off.  One of the witches is being called back to duty.  Disappointed that she brought her phone and that they have to begin the ceremony anew, they understand that being a cop means you're always on duty.

    Image Comics allowed me to read this comic collection for review (thank you).  It has been published, so you can grab a copy now.

    Rowen Black is a good cop.  She keeps her witch side hidden.  Her life has been fairly normal, but that's about to change.

    When they have a hostage situation, the guy with the gun will only talk to Rowen.  When she gets there and visits him, he wants her help.  He's been bespelled with something she can't override.  As he attempts to burn the building and everything and everyone within, she spells him so only he catches on fire.  She gets burnt a bit but it's nothing serious.  When all is said and done and they identify him, he his name is Rowan Black.  She doesn't know him but she knows that must have some significance.  His lighter also had the mark of another witch clan.

    Something almost overcomes one of her friends when she tries to decode the clan symbol.  Rowan saves her.  But who is going to save Rowan?

    There will be more intrigue in the next volume of these collected works.  The artwork is interesting and so is the magic.  Poor Rowan...

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