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    Fignation isn't getting any better.  It's lucky that they have Frankie to do games because he loves them, is good at it, and his humpback brother can put him back together again.  Unfortunately, her instructor has designs on her and she doesn't want to do what he wants...

    Image Comics let me read this comic collection for review (thank you).  It has been published and you can get a copy now.

    This is fun series about a half-witch that doesn't fit in anywhere.  Not at home, not at Fignation.  She keeps on keeping on and trying to find her parents.

    When a witch challenges her to a race, she doesn't want to do it but she gets shamed into it.  Her friend creates a power broom so she can compete.  The other witch cheats.  There are lots of monsters on the route.  And, at the end, no one wins.  Just like everything else in life, Oddly didn't do that right either.

    She gets summoned by her teacher and takes her friends with her.  He has plans and she doesn't want any part of them.  He even devours her ghost friend.  She's stubborn though.  She goes home to go through the library again.  Why does her aunt tell her NEVER to do anything magical?  She can't anyway...

    There will be more in this series.  I'll have to keep up and see just what does happen.

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