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    Maggie and her neighbor are having problems.  He wants her to move her oak tree so he has a better view out his big windows at the top of the house.  He paints and he doesn't want the tree in his pictures.  He even offers to pay for her moving it.  She refuses to and he attempts to poison her tree!

    Alibi and Net Galley allowed me to read this ebook for review (thank you).  It will be published June 17th.

    Maggie is a Sunday School teacher that reminds me a bit of Miss Marple.  She's older, has her habits, and she loves her oak tree.  She and the neighbor have words one night and she gets so angry she takes a rock in the house with her.  She knows he's going to try to kill her tree again and she's going to hit him with the rock.  She sits and watches but manages to drop off to sleep for a bit.  When she awakens, he's out laying by her tree...

    They think it's a heart attack but it was murder.  Who in Maggie's small town would murder someone?

    When they suspicion it might be Peter, her dead daughter's fiance in the past, she's determined to prove it was not him.  He's not helping matters by giving up.  She keeps digging.  Then a friend of hers dies suddenly and that was murder, too.  What's going on?  How were they connected?

    The mystery itself was good but I was a bit disappointed in Peter.  I like stronger characters.  The strongest one in this story was the killer.  And the killer finally gets Maggie alone...

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